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What are ketones? Do you need to eat a keto diet to benefit from ketones? Why should you take ketones?

These are common questions, so let me tell you why I started taking ketones and what has happened in the first 15 days of taking them. I stuck to my paleo-ish diet while choosing to eat lower in carbs and added in ketones to my daily routine. I also made hydration and drinking enough water a priority, too. I've lost over 9 inches (fat loss) and about 6 pounds too, but I've GAINED so much more.

I've been more productive than ever because my energy has been amazing. I have no brain fog, better sleep, and mental clarity.

When your body is in a state of KETOSIS, it burns fat instead of carbs for fuel. Typically, to reach ketosis you'd be eating a strict keto diet, and for some it can take months to reach ketosis. KETONES help your body reach ketosis without eating keto (I'm not keto!). Specifically THIS KIND of ketones is what I've been taking and I totally love.


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